Jungle Slave

I thought this was a good outfit. The panther look with a little modern swing. Along with a bit of relaxed look. I love the pip in her mouth as well as the belt. I thought the look would be nice for those wild woman of Gor. Hope you like it 🙂




Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kira Mesh Hair – Chocolate

Crown: Wimey: The Wraith Crown RARE [Fantasy Gatcha]

Mask: [BP] Runa – War Cry – ultra rare [Fantasy Gatcha]

Pipe: BP_Storyteller Pipe (Norseman’s Journey) ultra rare [Fantasy Gatcha]

Tattoo: Gacha Tattoo – RARE Venus Colorable [Demonic] [Fantasy Gatcha]

Dress: !gO! gore Carnival [Fantasy Gatcha]

Panties: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Slide ’em off Panties Grey

Arm Armor: (Songfeather) Anoni Armguard rgt (black chain) [Fantasy Gatcha]

Belt: PFC~Role Belt – Raider (black) [RARE] [Fantasy Gatcha]

Boots: Yasum*MESH*Combat Trash [Fantasy Gatcha]




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